We hate rules, so we've done our best to keep it simple. In order to participate in (and win) this hackathon, you must:

  • Write all the code for your application during the hackathon time window. Don't use previously built applications as your submissions.
  • Work in groups of 5 or fewer people. Teams larger than 5 people are not allowed in order to keep the playing field level.
  • Publish your code to GitHub or another public website so judges can review it. You are not required to give us rights to your code, do anything special with licensing, etc. We just want to take a look at your project source code when judging. Once judging has been completed you are free to make your project private and continue hacking on it.
  • Run your final project someplace live so judges can view it. This makes the judging process easier. Once judging has been completed, you are free to do what you will.